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Frieze d/e Nr. 4
May No. 8

Frieze d/e Nr. 4, mit Kito Nedo über Mariana Castillo Deball, Jsn Verwoert über Karl Holmqvist, Hal Foster über Gerhard Richter, Ulrike Ottinger und Romulad Karmakar.

May No. 8, mit Texten von Ken Okiishi, Chris Kraus, Thomas Lawson, Jay Chung, Alex Kitnick, Kappy Mintie, Mathieu Malouf, Miguel Calderon.

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Garage No. 2 Magazine

With imagery influenced by the art of classic fairy tales & nursery rhymes, our cover stages a wedding between Harry The Hare (with child) and Frederic The Fox. Inspired by Homosexual Wedding (1968), a happening staged by legendary artist Yayoi Kusama (who is also profiled within), the second issue of GARAGE explores the contemporary state of sex and relationships.

From Mat Collishaw's infectious flowers to Walter Pfeiffer's interpretation of the Handkerchief Code and Adriana Varajeo's look under the sea....No 2 has a collection of stories you can't miss!
EUR 21.00

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Inventory Books 03: The Electric Information Age Book

Inventory Books
Inventory Books 03: The Electric Information Age Book

Inventory Books is a platform for the synthesis of textual and visual research on transformations in urban spaces and culture. Edited by Adam Michaels and published by Princeton Architectural Press, the series presents rigorous content in an accessible format for a diverse public. Inventory Books are designed by Project Projects.

The Electric Information Age Book (Inventory Books 03) explores the nine-year window of mass-market publishing in the sixties and seventies when formerly backstage players—designers, graphic artists, editors—stepped into the spotlight to produce a series of exceptional books. Aimed squarely at the young media-savvy consumers of the “Electronic Information Age,” these small, inexpensive paperbacks aimed to bring the ideas of contemporary thinkers like Marshall McLuhan, R. Buckminster Fuller, Herman Kahn, and Carl Sagan to the masses. Graphic designers such as Quentin Fiore (The Medium is the Massage, 1967) employed a variety of radical techniques—verbal visual collages and other typographic pyrotechnics—that were as important to the content as the text. The Electric Information Age Book is the first book-length history of this brief yet highly influential publishing phenomenon.

Previous Titles

Rosten Woo, Meredith TenHoor, with Damon Rich
Street Value: Shopping, Planning, and Politics at Fulton Mall (Inventory Books 01)
Photo Essay by Gus Powell
ISBN 978-1-568988-97-9
EUR 17.80

Amale Andraos, Dan Wood (Hg.)
Above the Pavement—the Farm! Architecture and Agriculture at P.F.1 (Inventory Books 02)
Foreword by Fritz Haeg, essay by Meredith TenHoor, afterword by Winy Maas, recipe by Michael Anthony
ISBN 978-1-568989-35-8
EUR 17.80

Relevante Bücher: 
Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Adam Michaels
Click the images below for bigger versions:
Jeffrey T. Schnapp, Adam Michaels
Inventory Books, 2011, 978-1-616890-34-6
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Millennium Magazines

Veneer Magazine (Portland)
The Happy Hypocrite, London

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is currently presenting a large-scale exhibition about contemporary cultural magazines (February 20 - May 14, 2012). Throughout the twentieth century, innovations in international avant-garde visual arts and design were often first expressed in the informal context of a magazine or journal. The exhibition, drawn from the holdings of The Museum of Modern Art Library, follows this practice into the twenty-first century, exploring the various ways in which contemporary artists and designers use the magazine as an experimental space.

The works on view, all published since 2000, represent a broad array of international titles—from community newspapers to image- only photography magazines to conceptual design projects. These publications illustrate a diverse range of image-making, editing, design, printing, and distribution practices. There are connections to the past lineage of artists’ magazines and the little architecture and design magazines of the twentieth century, as well as unique applications of new image-editing and printing methods. Assembled here, these contemporary magazines provide a firsthand view of the latest practices in art and design in print and represent MoMA Library’s sustained effort to document and collect this medium.

Many of the participating journals can be found at Pro qm in Berlin. The exhibition is documented through a special website.

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