Michael Clark

Violette Editions (September 2011)
The first monograph on this major artist.
Edited by Suzanne Cotter and Robert Violette
Designed by Studio Frith
Hardback, cloth, 348 pages
More than 580 illustrations
28.9 x 20.5 cm
ISBN 978-1-900828-33-8
Price: 64,90 Euro


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A+U 11:03 486 50 Architects' Offices

Architects’ offices are environments where new architecture is born. Especially now, many architects are trying new approaches in response to developments like environmental requirements, improved construction technology, and the acceleration and diversification of communication and design technology, all of which have led to a search for new design styles. An architect’s office, where these trends can be seen in concentrated form, is an expression of an attitude taken toward architecture. Offices include Studio Mumbai in Alibag, Peter Märkli Architects in Zurich, Atelier Bow-Wow in Tokyo, WOHA Architects in Singapore, SeARCH in Amsterdam, Import. Export Architecture in Antwerp, junya.ishigami+associates in Tokyo, Mass Studies in Seoul, Tryptique in São Paulo, Kerry Hill Architects in Fremantle, BIG in Copenhagen and others.

136 p, ills colour bw, 22 x 30 cm, pb, Japanese/English
Price: 33 Euro
Look inside: http://www.ideabooks.nl/inside/26585/

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Jan Mancuska

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Everything Under Heaven Is Total Chaos / Spangbergianism

Marten Spangberg, martenspangberg.org

Everything Under Heaven Is Total Chaos = 320 Pages = 12 Euro
(A Series of lenghty Quotations: Badiou, Brassier, Nancy, Tiqquin, Zizek et al.)

Spangbergianism = 176 Pages = 8 Euro

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