‘Heaven is Real’: John Maus and the Truth of Pop by Adam Harper

John Maus is one of the most intriguing artists in the millennial wave of lo-fi pop, assembling his unique and intimate language from synth pop, disco, baroque classical and church music. Yet Maus's work is much more than another exercise in retroist hybridity, and his overtures on truth and love are, upon further listening, no mere ironic posturing. Does Maus have something to teach us about arriving at the truth through personal musical expression,
or is he on a doomed Romantic adventure? Has he really discovered Heaven - and can he take us there?

ISBN: 978-0-9569524-0-0
174.5 x 108 mm
64 pp, b&w, perfect bound
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New Magazine: Levana

Levana No. 1 (2011), with "Free Will and Testament", a screenplay by Zoë Lund, 1991

Levana is a new semestral double-publication, produced in Berlin and distributed internationally. The project aims to produce a printed edition of 500 copies which will carry, as exterior to the body of the magazine, a previously unpublished piece of literature.

In the first edition, Levana presents in exclusive anteprima a screenplay written by Zoë Tamerlis Lund in 1991, entitled "Free Will And Testament". Zoë Lund (1962-1999) was a musician, actress, model, writer, and political activist. She is most widely known for her starring role in the feature film "Ms.45" (1980), and her screenplay for Bad Lieutenant (1992).

Levana No. 1 features Alexandre Kojève, George Bataille, Giordano Bruno, Pierre Clémenti, Robin Bruch, Megan Francis Sullivan, Giorgio Agamben, Ulrich Raulff, R.B.Kitaj, Zoë Lund, Gillo Pontecorvo and Karl Holmqvist.

Levana No. 1, with "Free Will and Testament", a screenplay by Zoë Lund, 1991.
126 p., 12 x 19.5 cm, pb, English
56 p., 17 x 24 cm, English
Price: 20.00 EUR

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F. R. David: Spin Cycle (Summer 2011)

The eight issue of F.R.David “Spin-cycle”, is preoccupied with commentary: quite simply assuming that any form of production is commentary – the addition/subtraction of value – in one form or other.

Contributions by Cory Arcangel, Ezra Pound, John Miller, Keston Sutherland, John Keats, Janice Kerbel, Francis Ponge, Jean-François Lyotard, Ian White, Mas’ud Zavarzadeh, Serge Daney and others. Edited by Will Holder & Mike Sperlinger.

208 p, ills colour & bw, 12 x 19 cm, pb, English.
Price: 11.00 EUR

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Tschichold in Leipzig. Das Neue in der Typografie

Tschichold in Leipzig. Das Neue in der Typografie. Vorträge.
Günter Karl Bose

"Ich persönlich bin der einzige TYPOGRAPHISCHE KONSTRUKTIVISTISCHE in Leipzig."

Tschichold, 1902 in Leipzig geboren, studiert an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst bei Walter Tiemann und Hermann Delitzsch und erlebt in der Stadt den Beginn der typogafischen Moderne, zu deren enscheidenden Wegbegleitern er mit seiner 1928 erschienen "Neuen Typografie" werden wird.

ISBN 978-3-932865-50-3
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1. Jan Tschichold. Schriften 1925 - 1974. Band 1: 1925 - 1947, 42.00 EUR
2. Tschichold: Neue Typographie. Handbuch für zeitgemäß Schaffende, 42.00 EUR
3. Jan Tschichold: Plakate der Avantgarde, 39.90 EUR
4. Active Literature. Jan Tschichold and New Typography, 64.90 EUR
5. Jan Tschichold: Master Typographer. His Life, Work & Legacy, 56.00 EUR
6. Jan Tschichold. The New Typography, 28.00 EUR
7. Jan Tschichold. Meister der Typografie. Sein Lebenswerk in Bildern, 60.00 EUR

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