Pro qm and Motto at Based in Berlin, Monbijoupark

Based in Berlin, Atelierhaus at Monbijou, image by Heji Shin
Based in Berlin, Motto and Pro qm

Open daily, 12-9pm: a collaborative bookshop of Pro qm and Motto at "Based in Berlin", Monbijoupark, June 8 - July 24.

"Based in Berlin" shows the work of some 80 artists who live and work in Berlin. Many of the participating artists have developed new works especially for based in Berlin. Several of Berlin’s well-known project spaces were also invited to use the venues within the exhibition to present selections of their own programme.

The studio building in Monbijoupark in Berlin-Mitte is the central exhibition. Starting on June 8th, film screenings, concerts and artist talks will take place on site every evening . The events include evenings organised by Berlin art and city magazines as well as artist performances and free concerts. The Monbijou Bar is open every evening until midnight.

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Prix Fernand Baudin 2010

Poster: Prix Fernand Baudin 2010
Prix Fernand Baudin 2010 at Pro qm, Berlin

The Prix Fernand Baudin has been established within the three years of its existence as one of the most important and influental international awards for books. Beyond its geographical focus on Brussels and Wallonia, the prize is conceived as a platform for the discussion of experimental strategies in publishing. It emphasizes a specific coherence of the interactions between the various creators of books: authors, artists, publishers, designers, and printers. The prize was awarded to eleven books.

The calaogue for the prize, this year produced in collaboration with designer Manuela Dechamps Otamendi, is distributed together with the prize-winning books for the original price of the publication. There are eleven different versions of the catalogue:

Jota Castro: Visceralists (design: Valley of Omsk, Philippe Koeune), EUR 13.00

Maarten Vanden Eynde: Industrial Evolution (design: Raf Vancampenhoudt), Mssndclrcq 2010, 978-2-930528-05-2, EUR 25.00

Jo Braeken (Hg.): Renaat Braem 1910-2001 (design: Studio Luc Derycke), ASA & VIOE 2010, 978-94-6117-004-0, EUR 99.00

Vincent Fortemp: Par les sillons (design: Speculoosbook), FRMK 2010, 9782350650456, EUR 35.00

Manifest Nooawangardy (design: Kasia Korczak), Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle 2010, EUR 20.00

Angelique Campens (Hg.): Juliaan Lampens (design: Studio Luc Derycke), ASA 2010, 9789461170057, EUR 29.50

Liesbeth Decan (Hg.): Philippe Van Snick. Dynamic Project (design: Studio Luc Derycke), ASA 2010, 9789461170026, EUR 39.00

CPAS Brüssel: Architectural Heritage in the Making (design: Manuela Dechamps Otamendi), Éditions Civa 2010, 978-2-930391-38-3, EUR 42.00

Sophie Nys: Au Pilori (design: Sophie Nys), Grotto Publications 2010, EUR 12.00

Cici Olsson, René Sépul: La Belgique, le Vin (design: Pleaseletmedesign), Sh-op Editions 2010, 978-2-9600933-0-8, EUR 24.00

Vincent Dieutre, Gilles Collard: 07/09X2 (design: Salutpublic), Editions Ah! 2010, 978-2-70220-951-6, EUR 22.00

The catalogue is also available as single publication:

Catalogue Prix Fernand Baudin 2010, EUR 9.00
Catalogue Prix Fernand Baudin 2009, EUR 18.00

The jury for the Prix Fernand Baudin 2010 was Alexis Zavialoff, Roland Früh, Felix Weigand, Markus Dreßen, Georges Charlier, Goele Dewanckel, Etienne Wynants and Bernard Marcelis. The Fernand Baudin Prize has been initiated by designers, artists and teachers who work in the book world. The prize is supported by Brussels-Export, Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) and Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (AWEX).

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Pro qm bei DMY 2011

DMY Berlin ist eine internationale Plattform für zeitgenössisches Produktdesign. Jährlich präsentiert DMY das International Design Festival Berlin, auf dem renommierte sowie junge Designer neue Produkte, Prototypen und experimentelle Konzepte vorstellen. Die Austellungen werden begleitet durch ein umfangreiches Rahmenprogramm aus Symposien, Designer-Talks und Workshops, die Themen des zeitgenössischen Designs aufgreifen, reflektieren und notwendige Zukunftstendenzen des Produktdesigns sowie angrenzender Disziplinen aufzeigen.

Wie auch in den letzten Jahren betreibt Pro qm dort einen Büchertisch zu Design und angrenzenden Themen.

1. - 5. Juni 2011, Flughafen Tempelhof, Platz der Luftbrücke 5, Eingang Paradestrasse, Berlin

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Raeder Wall Leaf

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