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A flamboyant Magazine
dreimal im Jahr

Dear reader,

It feels so great to be writing this editorial because it means that we did it; we created the magazine we always wanted to read ourselves. Hurray!

Let me start by telling you why we feel the world is in need of yet another magazine.
When you search for gay magazines, you will notice that they are for men or women only. When you look for specific sexual preferences you will merely find porn and when you want fetish you have to settle for fashion magazines floating on the gorgeous trend of being a bit naughty.
So we started putting together our own perfect and unique mix, sprinkled a cultural coating on top and labelled it Et Alors?
Et Alors? as in: So What? So what if you are a guy who loves dressing up as a woman or vice versa. So what if you like the whispering rustle of a flogger or a cat-o’-nine every once in a while. And if you have a fetish – and let me tell you, most people do – so what? Et Alors?

In our first issue we proudly present artists who found their inspiration in the unusual and beneath the surface of the obvious. Like this girl from Canada who took her camera and moved into the biggest BDSM hotel in Tokyo or one of our personal heroes, who paved the way for a radiant group of drag queens and –kings in Amsterdam. Furthermore we pay homage to the London party kids in the noughties & show you a glimpseon today’s Betty Page.
You will find this and much more in our very first flamboyant style magazine on fun, fashion, fetish, art, gender, BDSM, literature, gay, culture, glamour and icons without any boundaries.

To have, to hold, to read and to treasure because Et Alors? presents a fresh, uncensored perspective on a world filled with diversity.
It’s all about celebrating! Celebrating life, celebrating who you are, celebrating the right to be whoever you want to be.
Thank you, to all the great artists, photographers and writers who made this issue possible, let’s toast on making this the first out of many more to come.

Fleur Pierets & Julian P. Boom