Little Joe

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Queers and Cinema

Little Joe is a new biannual publication looking at film from a different perspective. It is a direct move away from the traditional method of reviewing all current and future releases towards a more selective and eclectic focus on films that inspire alternative discourse.

"The magazine is a kind of heir to both Film Culture and After Dark, and its implicit project is a vital one: mapping the subterranean canon of gay and lesbian cinema, past and present, drawing together its many and varied histories, frequently from the margins (vanguards?) of taste and style."
—Light Industry

"This new and beautifully designed magazine shines of an acute aura of queer VHS nostalgia, but more importantly is about rediscovering and knowing more about those unlikely heroes who were so mesmerizing the first time the tape run in the video player."
—Mousse Magazine

"While it may be only on the second issue, Little Joe has already earned itself a cult following... The magazine documents both the emergent history of gay film, how it evolved, what it meant and where it stands today."

“For a look into cinematic history with a decidedly queer eye, you could do worse than picking up the beautifully designed Little Joe. The magazine gives overlooked movies an idiosyncratic new outing.”