Lotto Magazin und das Spiel ums Ganze

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Ein Magazin über die Identitätssuche
alle zwei Monate

There is an idea. It says: human identity consists of six different zones which fit together as an entity. Every individual human being tries its best to keep these different areas of identity stable and firm. If one fails, the loss of identity is inevitable. The six zones mentioned consist of: a soundly relationship to other people, an emotional connection to different places, a mental association with objects and things, an integretion in certain organisations and communities, a well-balanced relation to power and obsession and last a dynamic definition of ideals: ideas in a value system. And this is what the first issue is all about. The „idea" in a sense of a discourse about humanistic values is looked into by as many different angles, grades of abstraction and artistic interpretations as possible. Aspects like religion, philosophy, devotion and avocation, morality and ethics, science and politics are considered within this context as well. And each little part of the human constitution which is thereby explored and reckoned from another point of view helps us to find our complete identity and stability as an individual and within human society.

The theory of the „six stable zones of human identity" was developed by Dr. Roswitha Königswieser and shall be the basis of the conceptual, asthetical and contentwise framework of Lotto Magazin. Each issue is dedicated to one of the six zones.