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Hello. For the first issue of Printed Pages we've got eight features that we hope you'll enjoy as much as we loved putting them together. We spoke to Sagmeister and Walsh about their professional partnership one year on and we also interviewed the brilliant Chris Ware to better understand how he goes about telling stories with images. We turned the tables on Apartamento founder Omar Sosa and we tracked down three of the most interesting and exciting graphic design agencies riding the crest of a creative wave in Barcelona. We met Jon Goode, who illustrated Guess Who? and My Little Pony among others and we found out how young filmmaker Hanly Banks made a documentary about famously shy singer Bill Callahan. We looked at some of the world's best sculpture parks and we delved into Why Not Associates' amazing collection of old slides. Letters of Note founder Shaun Usher wrote the introductory Nice piece and Emily Kai Bock shared with us the unlikely beauty of security lighting. So that's us really. How are things with you?