Riot of Perfume

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Limited-edition biannual arts and culture magazine
New York

"They promised to bury in darkness the tree of good and evil, to banish tyrannical honesties so that we might bring hither our very pure love. It began with a certain disgust and it ends, – unable to immediately grasp this eternity – it ends in a riot of perfumes."
Arthur Rimbaud, Matinée d’ivresse

Riot of Perfume is a limited-edition biannual arts and culture magazine that features contemporary fashion, criticism, art, music, creative writing, and photography. The title is taken from the poem Matinée d’ivresse by the French symbolist poet Arthur Rimbaud. Riot of Perfume is produced independently of trends, themes, and overly commercial concerns, and is based out of Chinatown in New York City.