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LEE, Jungmyung; LAHAYE, Lieven (eds.)
Real-Time Realist #2

Real-Time Realist is an experiment in the range of human affect through typography, visual art and contemporary writing. It stems from the type design practice of Jungmyung Lee, and is edited by Jungmyung Lee and Lieven Lahaye.

This second issue deals with Ecstasy Joy Serenity Love, and includes contributions by Kasia Fudakowski, Paul Haworth, Carla & Karlis, Arvo Leo, Angharad Williams, Jaako Pallasvuo, Nolwenn Salaün, Mikko Varakas, David Bennewith, Anders Frederik Steen and Josse Pyl. It’s a very beautiful publication.

Published by Jung-Lee Type Foundry, 2019

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Jungmyung Lee, Lieven Lahaye (eds.)
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Jungmyung Lee, Lieven Lahaye (eds.)
J-LTF PRESS, 2020, 9789082720150
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