Zwölf Taschen für Pro qm: Dexter Sinister

Dexter Sinister
New York
July 2012

“The main graphic is a pdf output from this software 'clock' that we made recently and so two sides of the bag almost exactly the same but at different 'times' would be nice. Plus one of them looks like a smiling face, and we like that accident. This seemed relevant to the anniversary of your shop, or as relevant as we could imagine.” (DS)

Dexter Sinister is a design and publishing collaborative opened by David
Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey in 2006 as a “Just-in-Time Workshop &
Occasional Bookstore” in a Ludlow Street basement in New York. Among
lots of other avtivities they publish(ed) the “Bulletin of the Serving
Library” and “Dot Dot Dot”. If you wanna see the clock run live, have a look here:

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