30. Juni 2017 - 20:30

After the Planes. A Dialogue about Movement, Perception and Politics

Book presentation feat. Brian Massumi & Krystian Woznicki

The presentation of AFTER THE PLANES, a book by Brian Massumi and Krystian Woznicki, will focus on the relation between 'web of life' and 'web of risk'.

Massumi's work on ontopower can be read as a key theory to think this relation as a process of perpetual transformation: after the the web of life has been declared a web of risk – following the September 11 attacks – it has become necessary to render it livable again – as a web of life. This is the 'labor' that ontopower embarks upon.

The photo sequences in the book, created by Krystian Woznicki, are an exploration of the web of life's new normality. Consisting of more than 100 photographs taken since 1998 they explore the complexities of movement and thereby alternatives from 'within', that is emancipatory ways to appropriate the web of risk as a web of life.

The book presentation will focus on some of the main ideas from the interview piece in the book: concentrating on the question of the 'outside of capitalism' in relation to movement and capture, it will emphasize the ecological tenor of the approach and thereby shed new light on the notion of the web of life and the web of risk.  

A cooperation between Aesthetic Education Expanded, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Berliner Gazette, Diamondpaper and pro qm

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Brian Massumi, Krystian Woznicki
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Brian Massumi, Krystian Woznicki
Diamondpaper , 2017, 978-3-9817925-0-8
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