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  • Christoph Ramisch (Ed)

    Daidalos Nr 22-23

  • Hella Gerlach

    Gelenkstellen - Loose Joints

  • Grant H. Kester

    Beyond the Sovereign Self. Aesthetic Autonomy from the…

  • Jana Müller

    Jana Müller. Falscher Hase / Mock Rabbit

  • Francois Dupuis-Déri, Benjamin Pillet (…

    Anarcho-Indigenism. Conversations on Land and Freedom

  • Editors for this issue: Ariane Müller,…

    Starship 20

  • Achille Mbembe


  • Léa Perraudin, Clemens Winkler, Claudia…

    Material Trajectories. Designing With Care?

  • Chus Martínez

    The Complex Answer. On Art as a Nonbinary Intelligence

  • Kader Attia, Anselm Franke, Ana…

    White West: Fascism, Unreason, and the Paradox of Modernity

  • Aleksandra Kedziorek

    CIAM ARCHIPELAGO. The Letters by Helena Syrkus

  • Anna Kornbluh

    Immediacy, Or, The Style of Too Late Capitalism

  • Georgina Voss

    Systems Ultra. How Things, People, and Ideas Connect in a…

  • Piet Eckert, Wim Eckert (Hg.)

    Ontologie der Konstruktion. Raumwirkung in der Architektur

  • Gabrielle Schaad, Torsten Lange (eds.)

    archithese reader: Critical Positions in Search of…

  • Kersten Geers, Jelena Pancevac (eds.)

    Giancarlo de Carlo. Experiments in Thickness

  • Lauren Berlant

    Grausamer Optimismus

  • Robert Klanten, Mario Depicolzuane (Hg.)

    Designing Brands. A Collaborative Approach To Creating…

  • Joanna Zylinska

    The Perception Machine

  • Alessandro Ludovico

    Tactical Publishing

  • Aaron Betsky

    The Monster Leviathan. Anarchitecture

  • Jason McBride

    Eat Your Mind. The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker

  • Nóra Ó Murchú, Janez Fakin Janša (Eds.)

    A Short Incomplete History of Technologies That Scale

  • Ingo Niermann

    The Monadic. Age Notes on the Coming Social Order

  • Dennis Pohl

    Building Carbon Europe

  • Julieta Aranda, Kaye Cain-Nielsen,…

    Wonderflux - A Decade of e-flux Journal

  • Regine Ehleiter, Clio Nicastro, titre…

    HaFI 020: Erika Runge: Überlegungen beim Abschied von der…

  • Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Tom Holert

    HaFI 019: Natascha Sadr Haghighian: Was ich noch nicht…

  • Sónia Vaz Borges, Madeleine Bernstorff…

    HaFI 018: Skip Norman: On Africa

  • Clémentine Deliss

    Skin in the Game

  • Peter G. Rowe, Yoeun Chung

    Design Thinking and Storytelling in Architecture

  • Richard Weller

    To the Ends of the Earth. A Grand Tour for the 21st Century

  • François J. Bonnet, Bartolomé Sanson (…

    Spectres IV. A Thousand Voices / Mille Voix

  • Edited by Jolanthe Kugler and Scott…

    Keep it Flat. A little history on flat earth

  • Edited by Jolanthe Kugler and Scott…

    Objective: Earth - Designing our Planet

  • Daniel Martin Feige, Sandra Meireis (Hg…

    Ästhetik und Architektur

  • Luis Manuel Garcia-Mispireta

    Together, Somehow. Music, Affect, and Intimacy on the…

  • Arnold Aronson

    Fifty Key Theatre Designers

  • Quentin Stevens, Kim Dovey

    Temporary and Tactical Urbanism: (Re)assembling Urban Space

  • Flavien Menu (Ed.)


  • Angelika Burtscher, Daniele Lupo

    AS IF - 16 Dialogues about Sheep, Black Holes, and Movement…

  • Anna Unterstab

    Design intersektional unter die Lupe nehmen. Gestaltung als…

  • Silvio Lorusso

    What Design Can't Do. Essays on Design and Disillusion

  • OASE Journal for Architecture #116

  • Lena Enne

    Everyday Urban Design 8. Anmeldung not possible. Das…

  • Ruth Duma-Coman

    Everyday Urban Design 7. Der translokale Gebrauch des…

  • Andrew Berardini


  • Heinz Hirdina, Achim Trebeß, Stiftung…

    Theorie und Geschichte des Designs 2. Reaktionen auf die…

  • Heinz Hirdina, Achim Trebeß, Stiftung…

    Theorie und Geschichte des Designs 1 Einführung / Italien…

  • Lukas Feireiss, Florian Hadler (Hg)

    Weak Signals. New Narratives in Art and Technology

  • dérive

    dérive N° 94, Wohnungslosigkeit beenden (Jan-Mär 2024).…

  • raumlaborberlin

    Polylemma. raumlaborberlin

  • IDEA Magazine

    IDEA 404. Co-creation between AI and US

  • Johanna Mehl, Carolin Höfler (Eds)

    Attending [to] Futures. Matters of Politics in Design…

  • Talja Blokland

    Gemeinschaft als urbane Praxis

  • Deirdre Loughridge

    Sounding Human. Music and Machines, 1740/2020

  • Claudia Hummel, Valeria Fahrenkrog,…

    Berliner Hefte zu Geschichte und Gegenwart der Stadt #10.…

  • Lukas Brecheler, Lionel Esche


  • Gianpaolo Tucci

    Aesthetics Imperfections. How AI is Changing the Landscape…

  • Gary Zhexi Zhang

    Catastrophe Time!

  • Pier Vittorio Aureli

    Architecture and Abstraction

  • Ina Wudtke

    Black Studium. A Tribute to Fasia Jansen, Hilarius Gilges…

  • Małgorzata Bartosik

    Bronisław Zelek. In the letter wonderland

  • Lorraine Daston

    Regeln. Eine kurze Geschichte

  • Bernadette Krejs

    Instagram Wohnen

  • Myria Georgiou

    Being Human in Digital Cities

  • Francesca Ferrando

    The Art of Being Posthuman: Who Are We in the 21st Century?

  • Felix Dreesen, Stephan Thierbach


  • Loretta Lees, Tom Slater, Elvin Wyly (…

    The Planetary Gentrification Reader

  • Penny Lewis, Lorens Holm, Sandra Costa…

    Architecture and Collective Life

  • Anthony Brand

    Touching Architecture. Affective Atmospheres and Embodied…

  • Sarah Pink, Vaike Fors, Debora Lanzeni…

    Design Ethnography: Research, Responsibilities and Futures

  • Marcelo López-Dinardi

    Architecture from Public to Commons

  • Edna Bonhomme, Alice Spawls (Eds)

    After Sex

  • Philipp Oswalt

    Bauen am nationalen Haus. Architektur als Identitätspolitik

  • Samuel Clowes Huneke

    A Queer Theory of the State

  • Megan Francis Sullivan

    Megan Francis Sullivan. Oral History of Exhibitions

  • Bruno Munari

    Bruno Munari. Fantasia. Erfindung, Kreativität und…

  • Simone Jung, Steffi Hobuß, Sven Kramer

    Öffentlichkeiten zwischen Fakt und Fiktion.

  • Ben Schwartz (ed)

    UNLICENSED. Bootlegging As a Creative Practice

  • Rick Poynor

    Why Graphic Culture Matters

  • Katharina Sussek, Jens Müller

    PUMA - The Graphic Heritage

  • Jens Müller (Hg)

    ZDF TV+Design. Sechs Jahrzehnte Fernseh- und Corporate…

  • Roger Behrens, Jonas Engelmann, Frank…

    testcard #27. Rechtspop

  • Jonathan Cary

    Tricks of the Light. Essays on Art and Spectacle

  • Monica Ponce De Leon (Ed.)

    Lina Bo Bardi. Material Ideologies

  • Ghislaine Leung


  • Samia Henni (Hg)

    Deserts Are Not Empty

  • Rizvana Bradley

    Anteaesthetics. Black Aesthesis and the Critique of Form

  • Nerea Calvillo

    Aeropolis. Queering Air in Toxicpolluted Worlds

  • George Papam, David Bergé (Eds.)

    Islands After Tourism. Escaping the Monocultures of Leisure

  • Sofia Grigoriadou, Eliana Otta, David…

    Urban Lament. Collective Expressions of Pain, Rage, and…

  • Mark Manders

    Mark Manders. House With All Existings Words

  • Peter Mörtenböck, Helge Mooshammer

    In/formal Marketplaces. Experiments with Urban…

  • Jakob Claus, Petra Löffler (Eds.)

    Records of Disaster. Media Infrastructures and Climate…

  • George Brugmans

    Down To Earth. Designing For The Endgame

  • Eric Frijters, Matthijs Ponte (Eds.)

    The City as a System. Metabolic Design for New Urban Forms…

  • Hans-Christian Dany, Valérie Knoll

    No Dandy, No Fun. Looking Good as Things Fall Apart

cover The Art of Being Posthuman

The Art of Being Posthuman: Who Are We in the 21st Century?

This book offers a comprehensive reflection on the existential condition of the 21st century. A visionary introduction to existential posthumanism, it takes the form of eight meditations of posthuman self-inquiry.

Existential posthumanism embraces the question 'Who am I?' in relation to: 'Where, When, and Why are We?'. This journey of self-discovery engages with a wide range of knowledge and expertise - from ancient paths of wisdom to the latest developments in science and biotechnologies; from Paleolithic times to the futures of radical life extension. The book declutters the habit of being human: as individuals, as societies, as a species. Letting go of the need for anthropocentric mastery and species-specific ambitions, the reader emerges regenerated. Being posthuman, in the 21st century, entails awareness of inter-being: from our symbiotic co-evolutions to the rights of Nature; from the geological time of the Anthropocene to the rise of Big Data and artificial intelligence. In ecology, biology, technology and ontology, the manifold paths of posthuman self-realization will reveal that we are all co-creators in the existential unfolding: our lives are our ultimate works of art.

The Art of Being Posthuman is a self-help guide to navigate our brave new world.

Francesca Ferrando
The Art of Being Posthuman: Who Are We in the 21st Century?
Polity Press, 2023, 9781509548965