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Care and the City. Encounters with Urban Studies

Book Presentation with editors Angelika Gabauer, Sabine Knierbein, Henrik Lebuhn and Tihomir Viderman.

Care and the City is a cross-disciplinary collection of chapters examining urban social spaces, in which caring and uncaring practices intersect and shape people’s everyday lives. While asking how care and uncare are embedded in the urban condition, the book focuses on inequalities in caring relations and the ways they are acknowledged, reproduced, and overcome in various spaces, discourses, and practices.
This book provides a pathway for urban scholars to start engaging with approaches to conceptualize care in the city through a critical-reflexive analysis of processes of urbanization. It pursues a systematic integration of empirical, methodological, theoretical, and ethical approaches to care in urban studies, while overcoming a crisis-centered reading of care and the related ambivalences in care debates, practices, and spaces. These strands are elaborated via a conceptual framework of care and situated within broader theoretical debates on cities, urbanization, and urban development with detailed case studies from Europe, the Americas, and Asia.
By establishing links to various fields of knowledge, this book seeks to systematically introduce debates on care to the interconnecting fields of urban studies, planning theory, and related disciplines for the first time.
The event will be hosted in English. Questions and comments in German are very welcome.
Angelika Gabauer is Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space at TU Wien. Sabine Knierbein is Associate Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Culture and Public Space at TU Wien. Henrik Lebuhn is Assistant Professor for Urban and Regional Sociology at HU Berlin. Tihomir Viderman is Research Associate at the Chair of Urban Management at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.