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Future Ecologies

Book series presentation and discussion with Claudia Mareis, Petra Löffler, Florian Sprenger and authors

The Future Ecologies series investigates emerging ecologies in uncertain worlds—ecologies that are open to the interests of other-than-humans and that care for plural modes of existence. It advocates for interdisciplinary approaches towards the numerous aspects of ecology. It is about a “time-space-mattering” that calls into question common knowledges about the relationship between space, place, territory, and the linearity of time in light of the circulation of matter, energies, and affect. It also questions the meaning of past ecologies and unsustainable futures for emergent ecologies, while problematizing the ambivalent histories of environmental knowledge, especially in the interplay of modernity and coloniality. Reading research in the Future Ecologies series allows you to take the many facets of past ecological thinking into account, to reveal its differentiated and often contradictory political implications and effects—and to criticize its, sometimes, naïve promises. Studying Future Ecologies means not taking for granted what ecology means.

The Future Ecologies series:

Material Trajectories. Designing With Care?
Léa Perraudin, Clemens Winkler, Claudia Mareis, Matthias Held (Eds.)
Meson Press  2024

Records of Disaster. Media Infrastructures and Climate Change
Jakob Claus, Petra Löffler (Eds.)
Meson Press 2022

Uexküll’s Surroundings. Umwelt Theory and Right-Wing Thought
Gottfried Schnödl, Florian Sprenger (Eds.)
Meson Press  2022

Uexkülls Umgebungen. Umweltlehre und rechtes Denken
Gottfried Schnödl, Florian Sprenger (Hg.)
Meson Press  2021

Aesthetic Experience of Metabolic Processes
Desiree Foerster
Meson Press 2021

Earth and Beyond in Tumultuous Times. A Critical Atlas of the Anthropocene
Réka Patrícia Gál, Petra Löffler (Eds.)
Meson Press 2021