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&&& Triple Book Launch: Minor Bestiary, Model Is the Message, Phenomenon & Difference

Moderated by Georgiana Cojocaru, featuring Eduarda Neves, Valentin Golev, Mattin, Lindsay Lerman, and Mohammad Salemy.

The New Centre for Research & Practice will host a triple book launch at Pro qm bookshop to introduce their publishing program through &&& Books. The launch will feature three new publications: 'Minor Bestiary: Time and Labyrinth in Contemporary Art,' 'Model Is the Message: Incredible Machines Conference 2022,' and 'Phenomenon & Difference: Essays on the Ontology of Ravaisson.' Join us as we explore the ideas and themes behind these thought-provoking works.  

"Minor Bestiary: Time and Labyrinth in Contemporary Art" is a discerning examination of recent trends in contemporary art. The author, Eduarda Neves, scrutinizes financial influence, curatorial practice, and the allure of prestige that shapes the artistic landscape together. Neves proposes a shift from grand curatorial narratives towards a "minor art" while confronting the art world's complicity in broader global frameworks, particularly its intersections with planetary-scale tourism.

"Model is the Message" is the output of the Incredible Machines Conference 2022. It examines the possibilities and limits of models as they pertain to technological developments in computer science, design, architecture, art, and literature.

"Phenomenon & Difference" is François Laruelle's very first book, translated for the first time by Lindsay Lerman for English speakers, a remarkable achievement considering the attention Laruelle's work has been receiving due to its relevance to the discussions of immanence in continental philosophy. The interest of young Laruelle in Felix Ravaisson as the inspiration for his long-standing focus on immanence offers historical and yet original connections between philosophy, abstraction, and art.

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