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From Non-Being to Being and Back: Contemporary Philosophy at the Crossroads with Nihilism

Book Launch with Artemy Magun and Michael Marder

The present moment, with its acute sense of crisis, allows philosophers to better understand the temporal and historical nature of the global problems such as (objectively) the ecological crisis and (subjectively) the sense of finitude and negativity. Pro qm & the Institute for Global Reconstitution invite the public to discuss three recently published books devoted to the philosophical study of the present: Michael Marder's "Contemporanea" and "The Phoenix Complex" and Artemy Magun's "The Temptation of Non-Being: Negativity in Aesthetics". "The Temptation of Non-Being" explores Modernist art in its mixture of emancipatory and apocalyptic moods, "The Phoenix Complex" discusses the nihilist myth of Modernity, and "Contemporanea", a multi-authored philosophical glossary, brings nature and art together into a single constellation of the current instant.

Event in cooperation with the Institute for Global Reconstitution

(image @ Lea Porsager, from the cover of "Contemporanea")

 Contemporanea Cover  The Phoenix Complex  The Temptation of Non-Being