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R. Buckminster Fuller. Pattern-Thinking. Daniel López-Pérez

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Pattern-Thinking reassesses the work of Buckminster Fuller—unique hybrid between theoretician, architect, designer, educator, inventor, and author—as advancing contemporary models of design research, practice, and pedagogy. Drawing extensively on Fuller’s archive, the book follows his unique process of translation between the physical and conceptual dimensions of design, to redefine our understanding of the relationships between geometry, structure, language, and intellectual property.
Rather than being organized around a chronology of distinct narratives, Pattern-Thinking follows these parallel explorations as the basis for Fuller’s artifacts and inventions. In the space between lines, models, words, and patents, it traces his ambition to measure physical experience in an ever-expanding pattern of relationships, while coordinating these into a conceptual network of words and concepts that shape the basis for his thinking. Advocating a multidisciplinary and political perspective, Fuller’s transversal logic expands the knowledge base of contemporary models of design, which seek to find broader participation and to address new publics.

Daniel López-Pérez, who has a PhD in the history and theory of architecture at Princeton University, is an Associate Professor and a founding faculty member of the Architecture Program at the University of San Diego. López-Pérez edited Fuller in Mexico/Fuller en México! and R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man.