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Rich Pell. This Is Not An Artifact

Book Launch with Rich Pell and Julieta Aranda

The manipulation of life is one of the oldest and most popularly neglected forms of cultural production. Yet it is evident in prehistoric cave dwellings, organic vegetable gardens, concentrated animal feeding operations, and myriad other sites and scenes. PostNatural History is the study of the origins, habitats, and evolution of organisms that have been intentionally altered by humans through captivity, breeding, or engineering. These lifeforms relay stories that challenge and transform our understanding of human culture.

This Is Not An Artifact: Selections from the Center for PostNatural History is the first monograph from CPNH’s founder and director, Rich Pell, published by K. Verlag in Berlin.

Rich Pell will be joined by artist and editor Julieta Aranda for a conversation about postnatural histories and futures.