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Society, Space and the Political. [Un]Grounding: Post-foundational Geographies

Booklaunch with Friederike Landau-Donnelly, Oliver Marchart, Lucas Pohl, Nikolai Roskamm & Erik Swyngedouw (2G)

How does our sense of space, place and the world at large change when we think of geography as fundamentally ungrounded? Imagine places like the home, your local bar or any type of place of longing was never as stable as it may seem, never really smooth, but always subject to change. It is precisely in this vein that post-foundationalism proposes to think in parameters of conflict, contingency and absence. Post-foundationalism as political theory, practice and maybe even methodology departs from the assumption that there is no ground, necessity, or objective rationale for human political existence or action.
The book [Un]Grounding: Post-Foundational Geographies, published this year in transcript and edited by Friederike Landau, Lucas Pohl, and Nikolai Roskamm puts contemporary debates arising from the “spatial turn” in a dialogue with post-foundational political theories to devise post-foundationalism as radical approach to the fields of geography, planning, architecture and urban studies.
The event will be hosted in English starting 7.30pm until approximately 9.00 pm. Questions and comments in German are very welcome.
2G - The event will be held under 2G-regulations (vaccinated / recovered).